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"This thing is fresh out of the studio."
David Hines

Fusion At It's Finest
by John Pritchard

David Hines is much more than just a great bass player: he is a great composer. Dave has just released, Nebula, one of the freshest and tastiest fusion albums of the year!

What is so refreshing is that the entire album burns and turns around every melodic and rhythmic corner. Dave's bass playing is phenomenal. Check out his basswork on "Lucia" and "No Loops"
(listen to mp3 samples below):
Lucia. mp3
No Loops. mp3


Every composition on the cd, without exception, breathes with deep inspiration and super confidence (the hallmarks of all great music). Plain and simple: this is a great cd! To top it off, the legendary, Allan Holdsworth, blazes his signature style over the opening and closing tracks, "Skippy" and "Antillia" (listen to mp3 samples below):

Skippy. mp3

Antillia. mp3

"Sometimes you know immediately when something is right. When David came to my studio and played me the tracks of his new fusion endeavor that's just the way I felt. This stuff is killin!" Steve Hunt

Perhaps the key to producing such a successful sounding debut recording is the combination of great engineering by keyboard player, Steve Hunt (who also plays on the cd and is a long time Holdsworth alum) and the awesome guitar work of Steve Kirby, along with the imaginative drumming of Steve Michaud (holy shit Steve, where have you been?...tasty, tasty chops).

Steve Michaud, Steve Kirby, David Hines, and Steve Hunt

With Dave's tightly composed tunes, all the musicians come together to create an exciting atmosphere that is reminiscent of classic bands such as Weather Report, Return to Forever, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra
(listen to mp3 samples below):
Nebula. mp3
Neuro Man. mp3

Steve Kirby laying it down

The biggest melodic surprise on the album is the ingenious soloing by guitarist, Steve Kirby (see website). With a heavy lean toward the Holdsworthordian school of guitar playing, Steve flows and rocks with his own original style. Check out his solos on "Q" and "Toe Nail" (listen to mp3 samples below):
Q. mp3
Toe Nail. mp3

As one of the best keyboard players in the world, Steve Hunt is reknowned for his innovative style. In addition to playing with Holdsworth for many years, Steve has worked with artists such as Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham and Gregg Bendian, to name a few. Steve adds a tremendous variety of tone, color and melody to the "Nebula" cd and his role as producer/engineer really makes all the music shine.

"In a time where technology and the sciences have evolved so dramatically, the acceptance and support for alternate forms of music must eventually rise to that more elevated level, as well." David Hines

"Nebula" is a truly remarkable debut cd for David Hines. It showcases his talent as both bassist and composer. Every jazz-rock fan who yearns for that delicious fusion of creativity and virtuosity will love it. "Nebula" transcends imitation without compromise! 100% inspiration!

I really look forward to album number two! Five stars on this one! *****
- John Pritchard

DAVE's Bio

David Hines 2005 (photo by Joel Becker)

David Jerome Hines

Born to famous Opera singers Jerome Hines and Lucia (maiden name) Evangelista. He played piano and cello as a child, then pursued electric bass and guitar from age 11 on. Pursued his music education, attending Berklee College of music, Manhattan School of music, and receiving private instruction from Stanley Clarke on bass and composition back in the seventies.

Dave was principally interested in the fusion music of Miles Davis, Weather Report, Return to Forever, and others. Dave went on to promote fusion music, playing with George Johnson ( from Lonnie Smith, Mcoy Tyner) and other fusion projects all along the way. Recording credits include Pamela Hines and Boston bandmate Miles Donahue. He is currently private teaching and performing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and living there with his wife Pamela (jazz pianist), and his Daughters Katrina and Gabriella. This is his first solo album, and is is currently writing for album number 2.

visit Dave's official website:

contact Dave:





Preview "Nebula":
(60 sec. mp3 samples below)

1. Skippy 5:01
2. Q 4:58
3. Toe Nail 5:16

4. Nebula 6:57
5. Lucia 8:01

6. No Loops 5:07
7. Neuro Man 6:29
8. Antillia 8:13

Nebula - Order here

Released May 2005 on
Spicerack Records

DAVID HINES speaks out about his new cd, "NEBULA"...

"Hi, my name is Dave Hines, bassist-composer. I have been in the music scene on the East Coast for some 30 years, and have finally been able to get a jazz rock album off the ground. Coming out of Berklee School of Music, and the Manhattan School of Music, Most of the Fusion Stars, (including my former bass teacher, Stanley Clarke), were generally about 5 or more years older than me, or more.

When I felt musically mature enough to try and tackle this music, it went away. It was replaced with smooth jazz, as the alternative to traditional jazz, which, to me was much less interesting from a harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic standpoint. In fact I quit music for about 5 years and sulked, but then realized that I was not very happy with that, so I dabbled in R+B originals, got into traditional type jazz gigs playing fretless, and keyboard gigs as well. The more I was playing keyboard, the better for my songwriting. I got back on the bass, and I had no problem being in some very cool, groove-oriented bands, especially when I found myself back in Boston. However, there was still the jazz-rock side of me, wanting to come out.

I realized that with all the musicians in the Boston area, I could take a chance, and get back into writing my favorite type of music, and find people to play it. (Being that the music was so ill-supported for a while, I could never find more than 1 or 2 players in any given area). I got 8 tunes together, and primarily with the help, and direction, of Steve Hunt, proceeded to record the album of my dreams.

I had heard Steve before with Alan Holdsworth, and I knew from the start, what a lucky thing it was for him to like my songs enough to perform, record, and produce the material. Then, with the help of Billboard jazz songwriting winner-guitarist Steve Kirby, drummer Steve Michaud (legendary fusion drummer recommended by Steve H.), and of course, the legendary Allan Holdsworth on guitar, the jazz rock album of my dreams came to be.

This thing is fresh out of the studio, that is why we don' t have a tour yet, however interest for one is currently being generated in Europe." - David Hines